Bloom Alma Mini Crib (Urban) Frame, Coconut White Review

bloom alma mini crib design

What happens when you have newborn in the home or you simple want an excellent solution where your little can rest? Well, a brilliant suggestion for you would be to try out the Bloom Alma Mini Crib Urban Frame Coconut White that comes with a broad spectrum of unique design features to make it ideal for your little one’s unique needs.bloom alma mini crib

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Since the advent of the first baby, crib to ever hit the consumer market, the typical design and feature set of some of these things has been improving and is now simply amazing. To be specific, this Bloom Alma Mini crib comes with all the unique features such as a modern design. Excellent aesthetic appeal and compact fold construction amongst many others.

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Modern design

bloom alma mini crib frameThis Bloom Alma Mini Crib features a contemporary design that makes it an excellent mini crib ideal for urban living areas. Besides that, this modern design means that this crib is well sized for room-to-room movement especially during naptime and it can fit through the small and conventional doorway sizes. With its modern design, this bed not only makes for an excellent solution for resting your child, but it also lets you do so with style and comfort as well.

Ergonomic and durable construction

Another equally important design aspect of this bassinet is that comes with an ergonomic design such that it makes an excellent solution for resting your baby for long periods without causing fatigue or discomfort.Further lending to the superior design of this beach alma mini crib is that it comes with well-positioned handles that one is used when moving the bed to other sections in the house. Besides that, the durable construction of the bassinet provides extended functionality and also increases the bed’s resistance towards elements such as dust.

Easy assembly

bloom alma mini crib whiteYou will also appreciate the simple assembly design that allows makes setting up this crib in any given room a breeze. He manufactures of this bed further demonstrate their obsession for excellent and affinity for progression with such a simple to set up design. Simply put, you don’t need any tools or any advanced carpentry knowledge to provide your loved when its nap time.

Compact-fold construction

Best of all, this bloom alma mini crib is also provides parents with sufficient peace of mind based on the compact fold construction that allows for easy storage and transport. In other words, the bed is as simple to breakdown as it is to setup, thereby making an excellent addition to your little one.This makes this bed an excellent solution for when you need added space in your room or you perhaps need to move the bed to another area.

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  • This baby crib is aesthetically appealing
  • It features compact fold construction
  • It’s simple to assemble and requires no tools
  • The bad is highly stable to make it ideal even for restless kids


  • The bed paint is susceptible to scratching
  • It’s slightly small for older toddlers


  • Solid wood alma crib with a modern design for urban living areas
  • Superior bassinet design to provide extended life
  • Ergonomic design and well designed for easy room-to-room mobility
  • Easy assembly based on its proprietary no tools design
  • Compact fold design for simple transport and storage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Does this bed come with a mattress or does one have to purchase it separately?

A: No one has to buy the mattress separately

Q: What are the dimensions of the bed?

A: The dimensions are 36.24″X18.4″X 32.17″

Q: What’s the measurement of the gaps in between the slats?

A: The average space is 3inches

Q: Does it come with wheel castors for rolling?

A: Yes, it comes with four back wheels

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Final Verdict

All things considered, there is barely any space for simple selection or inadequate consultation when it comes to selecting the ideal cribs for your baby’s needs. Simply put, making an informed decision always has its inherent benefits not only for you as the parent or guardian, but also for the little one who requires a safe and comfortable solution for resting. Besides that, you are also sure of receiving a product that delivers the ideal value for money. Therefore, this Bloom Alma Mini Crib Urban Frame Coconut White would make an excellent addition to your baby due it’s to its superior design features and its excellent aesthetic appeal as well.

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