Child Craft Camden Crib 4 in 1 Convertible, Jamocha Review

4-in-1 Convertible Crib star

Congratulations, you are adding another addition to your family. You are busy purchasing all of the odds and ends for your new baby. The nursery is almost complete except for the most important piece of furniture you will need, the crib. You already have children so you are well aware of how fast they grow and need new things. You want a crib that will grow with your child. What crib should you choose? There are so many options. What is the best convertible crib to get at an affordable price? The Child Craft Camden Crib (4 in 1 Convertible) is your answer. This Child Craft Camden Crib is the ultimate solution. Child Craft has made a top quality combination crib at a fair price.

child craft camden crib

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A crib that converts into a daybed. Then, into a toddler bed, and even into a complete full-size bed. It’s a long lasting piece that will stay with your child from infancy through childhood and on through their teenage years. A remarkable bed that truly does it all.

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Multiple Beds

Child Craft Camden Crib (4 in 1 Convertible)The Child Craft Camden Crib (4-in-1 Convertible) starts out as a sturdy, elegant crib (mattress not included) for your precious baby that is safe to sleep in. As your baby gets older and can climb out of the crib, you can then transform it into a day bed using the same mattress. It is then time for you to change it into your child’s very own toddler bed still able to use the same standard size mattress. A toddler bed conversion stretcher rail is included for conversion but, it is not a guard rail. As your child matures and no longer needs a child bed, order the additional full bed rails and convert it into a complete full-size bed. This crib will be able to stay with your child from infancy, clear through school. It’s the ultimate combination crib.

Safety First

To ease the mother’s mind, the Jamocha finish is baby safe and non-toxic, no harmful chemicals. This 4-in-1 Convertible Crib not only meets but exceeds all current safety standards to date. As an added bonus, this crib is eco-friendly causing no harm to the environment when it is no longer fit for use.

Solid Structure

Child Craft Camden Crib 4 in 1 ConvertibleChild Craft Camden Crib made with a strong, solid wood construction. It is made tough to last through the rough treatment of a toddler and still hold up throughout a child’s life and for years to follow.

The steel mattress support guarantees a solid safe foundation to safely protect your baby. As the baby grows, the steel mattress support is built tough as nails to withstand your little one jumping up and down on their bed even though they aren’t allowed. You can’t expect angelic behavior out of your little one all the time.

Gender Neutral

The Jamocha finish is perfect for any child, boy or girl. It will enhance the beauty of a child’s nursery and is compatible with any color combination. You can also purchase matching accessories to complement the Jamocha crib. This timeless design has a soft arched top, detailed cap rails, and flared legs that will intensify the boyish charm or girlish allure of any child’s bedroom.

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  • Easy assembly, instruction manual is included.
  • Meets all safety requirements
  • Able to adjust the mattress to 2 different heights for easy accessibility.
  • Four different beds in 1, starts as a crib, converts into a daybed, then a toddler bed, and the final transformation is a full-size bed. (no mattresses included)


  • No mattress is included neither standard toddler size mattress or full-size bed mattress.
  • Does not include a guard rail for the toddler bed, which is best to have. You can purchase a toddler bed guardrail to match separately.
  • You must purchase the full-size bed rails to be able to convert it into a complete full-size bed.


  • Guaranteed baby safe, entirely non-toxic.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Crib height is adjustable
  • Child Craft Camden Crib is 4-in-1 Convertible (crib, daybed, toddler bed, full-size bed)
  • Beautiful unisex wooden design
  • Charming Jamocha finish
  • A changing table and dresser that match are available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Jamocha finish have red undertones?

A: Not at all, the Jamocha is a dark brown finish that is quite comparable to espresso.

Q: What size mattress fits the crib and will I need different mattresses for each transformation?

A: A standard crib size mattress can be used for the crib, daybed, and toddler bed. If you convert into a full-size bed, you will then need to get a full-size mattress.

Q: What type of material is it made of?

A: It is constructed with solid Araucaria wood. Araucaria is a very sturdy and strong hardwood. It is top quality wood so it is made to be quite scratch resistant able to undergo years upon years of usage.

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Final Verdict

The Child Craft Camden Crib (4-in-1 Convertible)  is a mother’s dream. It’s great for any infant or child, male or female. You will never need to buy another bed for your child again. Made with a solid and sturdy Araucaria wood frame, it is made to last well past the adolescent years or can be handed down to your next child. It is built tough to remain as a favorite bed in your home. An absolute flawless necessity for any expecting mother.

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