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Children are expensive. As a parent, you will constantly be buying new items as your child grows older, having new tastes and different needs. Don’t you wish you had an item that could grow with your child? One of the greatest purchases I have ever made was buying my daughter a crib that converted into a toddler bed, and then into a daybed. The Delta 3 in 1 Crib, it grows with your child. That is 3 items for the price of 3 in 1 crib capri

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Personally, my little girl loves it. It starts as a sturdy crib to keep her safe as a sleeping baby. Once, she reached 18 months of age, she wanted a big girl bed. So, my husband and I easily transitioned the crib into a safe toddler bed. When she gets a little older, we can change it into a day bed. It will stay with her for years. Easily, one of the best baby items that I have ever purchased. Do you want to know about the Delta 2 in 1 Crib and it’s amazing features?

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Easy Conversion

Delta 3 in 1 Crib capriDelta 3 in 1 Crib overall construction changes as your baby grows older and has different needs and require different items. The original safe baby crib will convert into a toddler bed,and after that, a day bed. Perfect for any child and parents love that it’s 3 different beds all in one. It makes everyone happy. (There is a daybed rail included.)

The Perfect Fit

Delta 3 in 1 crib fits your choice of any standard size mattress. You must purchase the crib mattress separately. Use the same mattress for all 3 of the different bed options. The height of the mattress can be adjusted in 3 different ways to ensure the best use for both you and your child.

Quality Construction

delta 3 in 1 crib capri childrenThis combo crib is crafted using sturdy and solid wood. Available in your choice of 4 color finishes. The crib is easy to assemble and the conversions are all simple to do yourself. Your children will be safe when sleeping in their bed on a stable and strong bed frame.

Guaranteed Safety

The Delta 3 in 1 Crib meets or exceeds all required safety standards. It has passed all tests required to make sure there is no toxic chemicals or lead used in the structure of the product.

You can purchase a guardrail to attach to the toddler bed. There is a designated place to attach it. Perfect if you little one rolls or moves around a lot while sleeping. You will both be worry free.

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  • It transforms into 3 different beds, saving you time and money as your child grows older and needs more space.
  • There are different height adjustments for the mattress.
  • Completely safe and toxic free, not only passing but exceeding safety standards and guidelines.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to convert into the next stage.


  • Doesn’t include the toddler bed guardrail.
  • You can easily strip the heads of the bolts and screws, be careful.
  • Even though the bed finish is non-toxic, if a child chews on the paint, it can possibly chip.


  • JPMA certified to meet all safety standards that have been set.
  • Mattress height can be adjusted to 3 different heights.
  • Overall, the crib converts into a bed for a toddler, and then into a daybed for a young child. Enabling useful for a long time.
  • Beautiful all wood construction with a simple yet classic design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If you have this crib when your baby is a newborn, is the mattress high enough for the baby to easily and comfortably be placed in and taken out of the crib?

A: There are 3 different height adjustments, for a newborn, you can adjust the height of the mattress at the top setting so you can easily reach in the crib. When the crib is converted into a bed, put the mattress on the lowest setting so, that it is the closest to the ground for the child to get in and out of the bed with ease.

Q: What is the mattress base made of? Is it a metal base, wooden slats, particle board, plastic, etc.?

A: The mattress rests on top of a standard metal grid base. The frame is suspended from four metal connected brackets that enable the three different height adjustments for the mattress. Easy to put together and easy to adjust the mattress height.

Q: Is the crib safe for a toddler to sleep in on the lowest mattress height setting, or will he easily be able to get out?

A: Once a child is able to climb out of the crib, it doesn’t matter what setting you have the mattress height adjusted to. The toddler will find a way to climb out. If a child is old enough to be considered a toddler and climbing out of cribs, you should convert the crib into the toddler bed for safety reasons.

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Final Verdict

A child’s sleep is important for both the child and the parent. Every parent wants their child sleeping in a stable, safe, reliable, and secure bed perfectly crafted to fit their specific needs. The Delta 3 in 1 Crib changes to accommodate your growing child. What more could a parent ask for? Three beds in one, a deal you can’t beat. The simple classic design adds remarkable appeal to any child’s room and will last for years to come.

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