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thomasville southern dunes crib

Any parent knows that children grow fast. If this is your first child, your parents will tell you how fast they grow and how expensive kids really are. You start out with a tiny precious infant, next they are crawling, then walking, before you know it they are off to school, and then dating. Time flies. As a parent, you are constantly buying new clothes, new shoes, new toys, and anything else your child needs.

What about furniture? For example a bed. To cover all the stages of your child’s life, you need a crib, a toddler bed, a child-sized bed, and eventually a full sized bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bed that grows with your child?

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As a baby gift from family, I received the perfect gift. The Thomasville Southern Dunes Crib, it converts from a crib into three other size beds. It’s great, with proper care and maintenance, it will last throughout my child’s entire life, perfect. Let me break down all the information about this child’s convertible bed for you.

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Multiple Conversions

thomasville southern dunes crib left1This is a 4 in 1 convertible crib, designed specifically to grow with your child. You will never need another baby bed again. It starts as a classic baby crib and then converts into a toddler bed (no toddler guard rails included). From a toddler bed, it converts into a gorgeous daybed for your little one. As your child gets older and needs a bigger bed, the final stage of conversion is a full-size bed.

You will need to separately purchase full-size, double-ended mattress rails to be able to convert this into a full-size bed. You can also separately purchase toddler bed guard rails to give your child more security, knowing they can’t fall out of bed.

Safety First

Safe sleeping is a must, especially for infants. Firm steel mattress springs will add to a secure platform for the mattress to lie on. The solid stationary sides are stable and strong, keeping your baby securely in the crib.

The Thomasville Southern Dunes Crib meets the required ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Also, it is JPMA certified. This gives parents added security knowing this convertible crib not only passes but exceeds all required safety regulations.

Quality Construction and Finish

thomasville southern dunes crib left2This particular convertible crib is constructed using real hardwood. The Thomasville Southern Dunes Crib is stable, steady, durable, and strong. With proper care and maintenance, this bed frame will last throughout your child’s life which makes it such a great value.

The white finish is gorgeous. It is a snowy white color that is easy to match to other essential furniture in your child’s room. The white finish is perfect to use for a boy or a girl. Whether you choose the white finish or another color, any finish you choose is completely non-toxic, adding to overall safety.


Besides the 4 different bed transformations, there are other adjustments you can make. There are 3 adjustable height positions for the steel mattress spring to accommodate the changes your child needs as he or she grows.

At the beginning, when your child is an infant and the convertible bed is being used as a crib. To accommodate mom’s need to easily get her baby in and out of the crib with no problem. There are 4 different mattress levels. This is a great feature even for the toddler bed or day bed. You can adjust the mattress height perfectly for your child to easily get in and out of bed on her own.

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  • It has 4 conversions to grow with your child.
  • It is easy to assemble and easy to adjust.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • A detailed instruction manual is included.
  • It meets all standard safety requirements.
  • A standard size crib mattress will fit the crib, toddler bed, and the day bed.
  • If you don’t want the white finish, it is available in multiple colored finishes that are all non-toxic.


  • Must buy guard rails for the toddler bed conversion.
  • Must buy mattresses.
  • Some customers complained the wood material was very soft and caused the bed frame to easily get scratched and banged up.


  • Three adjustable mattress support positions to accommodate your child’s growing needs.
  • Four different height adjustments for the mattress.
  • Four different convertible crib transformations, crib, toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed.
  • A safe sleeping environment due to the stable sides and secure mattress springs.
  • An overall, beautiful design with top quality construction.
  • A glossy white finish that is non-toxic. (A matching changing table is available for purchase separately)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: What is the height measurement between the floor and the bottom of the crib?

A: The height distance from the floor to the bottom of the crib measures precisely 5 inches allowing extra storage if needed.

Q: What size mattress do I buy? Does it need 4 different mattresses?

A: A standard size crib mattress will perfectly fit the crib, toddler bed, and daybed. Of course, the final conversion into a full-size bed will require a full-size mattress.

Q: Do the side rails come included to convert into a full-size bed?

A: No, you have to separately purchase the side rails in order to convert the convertible crib into a full-size bed. You can purchase any universal conversion rails to do the job. Once, you have these rails the transformation into a full-size bed is simple.

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Final Verdict

The Thomasville Southern Dunes Crib is a great choice for your child’s bedroom furniture. The white finish allows you to easily match other necessary furniture, it is a color that can be used for both boys and girls. The Thomasville white convertible crib is a must have item, you can not beat the overall value. The beautiful design and solid structure will grow with your child, from an infant’s crib to a growing child’s bed. This conversion bed saves parents both time and money. The Thomasville Southern Dunes Crib is the best choice when purchasing a bed for your little bundle of joy.

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